Each decus program has a number, like "8-122", a name and/or name description like "BLOOPD - Blood Pressure Display Program", a brief abstract (a paragraph or two description), a write-up (typically 2 to 20 pages), and of course the program itself. I probably have all of these, someplace. If there is sufficient demand, all of the abstracts could be scanned in as image files, but it's probably too much work (considering that most of the programs aren't very interesting) to actually OCR them. The write-ups themselves are a huge volume of material (some are several hundred pages long) and will probably only get scanned in when I get a high-volume scanner, a DVD writer, and existing wage-hour laws have been repealed (a loong time from now, no doubt).

The following are number to name/brief description cross-references.

DECUScope is a monthly club news magazine, here is a list of DECUScope's I have.


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