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Online are local copies of documentation I have scanned myself and material from other sites.  All have been OCR'd for indexing (and adding a table of contents and other features) and stored in PDF. You might want to "right click" and save the .pdf files locally instead of trying to read them online, Acrobat Reader has an annoying habit of using byte-serving on large files which can be very slow when moving from page to page.  Here are a few notes on my scanning environment. Note that each .pdf file probably has a corresponding .tif file which was the input used for Adobe Capture and will not have any imaging processing applied (such as deskew) which might be useful for printing.

You can navigate by browsing the documentation index or by using the search engine below.

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This searches all the google-indexed pages and documentation here and at most of the other PDP-8 sites but excludes "what is a PDP-8" FAQs and wikipedia clones.

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Programs and Diagnostics

You can browse the following directories looking for programs and diagnostics.

Locally maintained files and information


Other reference material


The best emulators

Other notable LINC/PDP-8/PDP-12 places to visit[Dectape cartoon]


I buy LINC, PDP-8, PDP-12 and PDP-15 parts, systems and documentation. Write me at nabil@pdp-8.org.

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